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OTONOMI is a blockchain-enabled parametric platform that transforms cargo insurance policies into fast, cost-effective, and transparent digital products.
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Hi All, I am Yann, CEO, co-founder of OTONOMI, an insurtech company. Born and raised in Marseille, went to grad school in Paris, but found my first job in Wall Street back in 2003, and never left NY :) For the better part of the past 17+yrs, I have been navigating between tech, capital markets and risk management with recent focus on deeptech, blockchain, and decentralized economics. Most noticeably, the past 7 years, I used to work in the Ventures Incubation arm of Citigroup, which was a great learning experience but also a rather eye-opening one: innovating from within a financial behemoth = not inspiring! But I guess that's what motivated me to jump ship and create Otonomi. I am French-viet. Live in Greenpoint (Brooklyn), bassist, music writer and active tennis player.

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