OTONOMI Team Interview Series: Meet Lloyd Leaverton, Quantitative Risk Developer

2 min readJan 23


Lloyd Aromi Leaverton, quantitative risk developer
  1. Who are you?

My name is Lloyd Aromi Leaverton and I’m a quantitative risk developer for Otonomi. Born and raised in Spain, where I also graduated in Mathematics from the University of Barcelona. While Barcelona can be a stunning city, filled with entertainment and amazing food, I had always been curious about living in other regions of the world, and so in summer 2021 I packed a suitcase and flew to Seattle to stay with my cousin. By chance (LinkedIn), Yann Barbaroux made me an offer to move to NYC and although it wasn’t planned, it seemed obvious I had to take the chance. And so, one and a half years later I can call Brooklyn my home away from home. When I’m not solving modeling puzzles at work, I like to climb, read, and play music. Occasionally you can also find me surfing on Rockaway beach 🤙

2. Describe yourself in four words

Four words I’d use to describe my personality are: curious, analytic, outgoing and determined.

3. How did you change since you started Otonomi

My work experience before moving to the US was limited and individual facing, this was going to change radically. Otonomi has taught me how to work in the wild and ever-changing trenches of a startup, and as one of the first employees, I learned the importance of teamwork and communication, in addition to keeping up with the fast paced rhythm that naturally marks the pace of the company at this stage.

4. Where will you be in 2 years

Ideally I’d be taking a major role within the Risk department at Otonomi. There are many problems that need to be solved and understood to keep our risk engine calibrated and market-ready, and as our team grows, I hope to grow with it.

5. What is your vision for the company

Otonomi is positioned to be the next big player in parametric insurance. With a product expansion on all terrains -ground & sea- we can be the next big disruptor both in the insurance and blockchain sectors. Ideally we will be the new face to look at when discussing parametric insurance on the blockchain.

6. What does success look like for the company

Product expansion and specialization. Good market fit and healthy annual revenue. Success for Otonomi would imply being a reference company within the insurtech sector; partner with equally disruptive companies and be at the leading edge of innovation.




OTONOMI is a blockchain-enabled parametric platform that transforms cargo insurance policies into fast, cost-effective, and transparent digital products.