Unlocking the Conversation: Cargo Delay Protection — A Smart Move for Logistics Firms.

3 min readOct 30, 2023

Charlie Schaper, our Director of Insurance and Broking just published this very compelling article to emphasize the importance of discussing and offering air cargo delay insurance to logistics clients. It highlights the various reasons that can cause delays in cargo shipments, and how having this insurance can protect clients from financial losses while showcasing the logistics firm’s commitment to risk management and customer success.

In the fast-paced world of logistics, getting shipments delivered on time is the name of the game. As a logistics firm, you pride yourself on your efficiency, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. But let’s face it, there are factors beyond your control that can disrupt even the most well-planned operations. That’s where air cargo delay insurance comes into play.

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Cargo Delay Insurance

It’s time to break the taboo and have an open conversation with your shippers about the importance of cargo delay insurance. By acknowledging the potential risks and offering a comprehensive solution, you position yourself as a trusted partner who goes above and beyond to protect their interests.

Let’s examine some of the reasons why this discussion should never be off the table:

1. Delays caused by airport closures: Unforeseen circumstances like airport closures due to security threats, severe weather conditions, or unexpected events can wreak havoc on cargo schedules. By having air freight delay protection, logistics firms can mitigate the financial impact of such disruptions, providing peace of mind to shippers.

2. Delays caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms: Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and these weather events can have a significant impact on the aviation market. Logistics firms do their best to navigate through these challenges, but having air cargo delay insurance ensures that shippers are protected from potential losses caused by these natural disasters.

3. Delays caused by accidents or natural disasters: Accidents happen, and natural disasters strike. Unfortunately, they can disrupt air freight operations and lead to delays. By proactively discussing air cargo delay insurance, logistics firms emphasize their commitment to minimizing the financial implications of such events and maintaining seamless supply chain operations.

4. Delays resulting from regulatory actions or crew restrictions: Changes in regulations or crew restrictions can unexpectedly impact flight schedules and cause delays. Rather than shying away from discussing these possibilities, logistics firms can demonstrate their proactive approach to risk management by offering delay insurance for their air shipments as a solution to shippers.

5. Delays due to equipment failure or breakdown: Even with the best maintenance practices, equipment failures or breakdowns can occur, leading to cargo delays. By fostering an open conversation about air cargo delay insurance, logistics firms position themselves as partners who take proactive measures to protect against possible financial losses arising from these situations.

6. Delays resulting from carrier disruptions or bankruptcy: Carrier disruptions or unexpected bankruptcies can spell disaster for logistics operations. By actively engaging in discussions about air cargo delay insurance, logistics firms reassure their shippers about their ability to handle unforeseen circumstances and protect their cargo until it reaches its final destination.

7. Delays caused by fuel shortages: A sudden fuel shortage can ground planes and cause significant delays. By addressing this potential risk and offering air cargo delay insurance, logistics firms can provide their shippers with a safety net and ensure minimal impact on their bottom line.

Let’s talk….

Having an open conversation about air cargo delay insurance not only demonstrates your commitment to shippers’ success but also showcases your dedication to risk management. By addressing potential challenges head-on, logistics firms show their shippers that they are prepared for the unforeseen and can respond effectively.

Don’t let the taboo surrounding air cargo delay insurance hold you back. Start the conversation today and offer your shippers the peace of mind they deserve. With air cargo delay insurance, you can assure them that you have their best interests at heart, even when unexpected disruptions occur.

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